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Theresa Jenne (Accents), of Monticello, MN, died Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006, at age 49.


Theresa served in the Air Force, won a full scholarship to MIT where she obtained a master's degree in engineering, and went on to raise two children.


She is survived by her husband, Mike Cypher; sons, Shane and Willy; mother, Hanna Greenberg; brothers, Ted, Joel and Arlo; sisters, Evangeline, Colette, Sonja and Jaya.


Theresa was preceded in death by her father, Otto Jenne, Jr.; and sister, Anneliese.

Dear sun1 members,

It is with much sadness that I must share the news that we lost a good friend.
We all  know her as Accents. On the 17th of October, Theresa passed away.
I know that all of the members at Sun1 appreciate her efforts at creating our
list. We will miss her thoughtful, levelheaded suggestions, her sense of humor, and her compassionate understanding. I am honored to have had her as a friend.

Theresa made me the owner of Sun 1 in the beginning of October. I hoped to
return it to her leadership. She had a more realistic sense of things than I was
willing to accept. I was not willing to accept that there was such a short amount of time left for her. She put lots of effort into creating the list and I will do everything that I can to help it continue to exist and grow.

Theresa is survived by her husband, Mike Cypher and sons, Shane and Willy, and her mother, brothers and sisters.

Memorial gifts can be made to the American Cancer Society to honor the memory of Theresa Jenne.

I am so sorry to hear of this.  I have not been here long and had little time to get to know her, but I did appreciate Accents letters very much.  She seemed such a giving person who wanted to help others.  Please send my sympathies to her family.


im sorry to  hear about accents ,please send my sympathy to her family.She helped me alot when i joined this group.Thanks gail for keeping this group going.
from lynda pymxxxxxxxxxxx

Gail, I haven't been on the list long but my thoughts are with those of you who knew and loved Accents.  She gave of herself to benefit others until the very end.  I know few people who are so blessed to be so giving.

Linda from FL

This truly is sad news. She will be terribly missed here and by everyone she touched. My condolences to her family.
Shelley in Canada

That is very sad news, Gail. Please add my condolences to the list you have for her family. ::hugs::
She really helped me a lot, even though we never met. I hope she knew that she made a difference to people. I hope her family knows...

-\\\\\__.----Andrea Marie Brokaw----.__////--

It is sad to hear. I had been missing her posts. My deepest sympathy to her family.


I am very shocked over this message. My sympathy is for her family. Theresa has responded to my first contribution very detailed and I was very grateful. Thanks that you continue this forum.

Thank you Gail for informing us of this very very sad news.

To Theresa's family and friends I hope you read this and fully understand how truly grateful we all are for not only the existence of this site but as Gail very thoughtfully worded for Accents words and level headed courage, not the mention the valuable website.

I have been helped immensely by this group and with such a rare condition as Solar Urticaria it truly gives me relief knowing you are all out there. Please again to the family and fellow members accept
My very heartfelt condolences for your/our loss.

Perth Western Australia

Within 48 hours of joining this board late August, '06 I received a warm welcome from Theresa a.k.a Accents along with information and a number of links for further research into solar urticaria and PMLE.  I noticed a drop in email "traffic" in mid- late October and this, in retrospect, can be attributed to Accents' health taking a turn for the worse.

Please pass along my condolences to her survivors.  She will long survive in fond memory through the guidance, support, and encouragement she gave all of us, her adopted "eFamily", here at Sun1.

We will all miss her terribly. The time she gave to us was truly a gift. I would still be floundering on how to properly care for my son if it were not for this list she started. My condolences to her family and you Gail, I know the two of you were very close.

Please send my condolences on to the family.  I wasn't in this group long, but I benefited from Theresa's assistance and the great website.  I could tell she put a lot of love into what she did for others.  I'm grateful to have known her and benefitted from her labor of love, this group and the website.

My prayers are with you,

She will be missed, but the members of this group, past and present, will be able to use her information and advice for a long time to come.

I hope she realized how much she helped us.


I'm completely shocked. I knew 'Accents had a spell of illness recently, but was not aware of the extent of this.

When I joined the group, I was given the friendly welcome and advice which has been greatly appreciated, and when I
'd given my own advice to others, she was only too quick to thank me privately.
Theresa had put her heart and soul into this forum/site to keep us informed, and united, and long may it last.

My sincere sympathy goes out to her husband, sons and family.


Please add my condolence to the family to your list.  I am in shock.  I haven't been a member long but Accents was so warm and caring in all her replies.  All the research she put together is so helpful.  She will live on through her love that she has put in this site.

I had no idea she was so sick although I knew she had a stroke.  She never complained.  
God bless her family.

Thank you, ecoage, for continuing what she has started.  It has helped so many people.


I want to also add my condolences to her family. I learned more from this site about Solar Urticaria, than I did from 9 years of Dr's. She will be so missed.

                                     Donna Patterson

I want to add my condolences to her family too. She was a wonderful person who, even when it was hard for her to do, still tried to help all of us whom she didn't even really know personally.
                                                           bi boe

I was deeply sadden by the news of  Theresa's passing but not surprised as her messages had dwindled in the pass months. It was she who first welcomed me into the group not so long ago.  In case anyone is not aware, Saint Theresa is known as the Saint of the Little Ways, meaning she believed in doing the little things in life well and with great love.  Well I think "Accents"/Theresa did just that because if I had not found this group which is so loving and accepting I probably would not be here today. I read our digest everyday and learn something new and helpful everyday and more importantly I realize I am not alone although I am far away in Tokyo.  I think God is seperating my who from my do and making me realize that I don't have to do to be loved I just have to be.  I  did not know Theresa but a few short months but she had a great impact on my life and I thank her for that. Because of this group she saved my life. Please tell her family:  "Say not in grieve that she is no more, but in thankfulness that she was"  I think now she is standing with no pain or hives in the presence of the greatest and brightest light and He has such love for her knowing of all the love that she gave to us. 

i am shocked with the news. please extend my sincere condolences to her family.

do continue her work. there are still so many people out there who need the kind of guidance and support only a group such as sun1 can give.


Gail, thank you for writing to tell us this very tragic news. Theresa, or Accents, as we knew her, was an active member of this group for many months and her messages are in the archives. She always tried her best to share any
helpful information she might have and showed great compassion to other members.

She had a real sense of humour and her messages reflect that. It sounds like she had a good friend in you, Gail. 

May she rest in peace.

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