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sun1 Support Group for Sun and Light Sensitive People

Support Group for Sun and Light Sensitive People

We are a support group for people with sun and light sensitivities.   

Our members live in nations throughout the world.  Founded in April 2006, we are proud of having hundreds of SUN1 members.  

Join us.  Living with extreme photosensitivity can be frustrating or depressing.  Family and friends often don't quite understand what we go through, so sharing experiences with each other can help us cope.   Sharing our knowledge, wisdom, suggestions, and problems can make a world of difference in our lives. 

Sun sensitivity may appear as bad sunburn or rash.  Reaction usually occurs after a very short amount of exposure time. Some people experience an immediate reaction and others react after a delay.  Sun sensitivity can be due to a primary medical condition, side effect from medication, or reaction to product ingredients.  Other terms for sun sensitivity include: photoreaction, photoallergic, photosensitivity, phototoxic.  Diagnoses include solar urticaria, lupus and other auto-immune conditions, porphyria, sun hives, polymorphic light eruption, sun allergy, and other light reactive conditions. 

We share our day-to-day experiences and ways of living with sun sensitivity.  SUN1 is a place to feel comfortable exchanging ideas, discussing concerns, and asking questions.


Membership is limited to people with light sensitivity, and persons who care about people with light sensitivity.  Group management approves new members.  

First you need to become a member of yahoo (if you are not already a member of yahoo).  

Next, join our support group for sun sensitive people. 

Let us know why you want to join our group.  We want to keep out the spammers and other bad people, so all new members must be approved.

Once you are approved, you can choose to have messages sent to you as individual messages or as a daily digest, or the messages can be viewed at the forum pages.   

Please introduce yourself to the group and say hi!  We welcome a description of problems and any questions.   Share your suggestions for protection from the sun. We discuss coping techniques such as sunscreens, clothing, and medical interventions.  If you have tried sun related stuff that was a great help or just a waste of money, please share your opinions.  If you have had treatments or medications for sun sensitivity, share your experience because your success/ failure or side effects with the treatment is helpful to others considering the treatment.   If you had a bad day and need some support, share that too.   

All members are welcome to reply to group messages.   Archived messages, helpful links, and resources at the sun1 forum can be viewed for a treasury of helpful ideas.

This is a partially moderated list.  Personal attacks will not be tolerated.   SUN 1 is not a place to discuss politics or religious beliefs. Information is kept in confidence and not shared or sold.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationships that exist between visitors to this site and their health practitioners.  Consult with a clinician regarding any treatments or medical advice suggested by this forum. We are not physicians; we are people trying to learn about our conditions and ways to cope.


Consult with your physician regarding any treatments or 

medical advice suggested by this website.  

We are not physicians, we are people trying to learn about our conditions and better our lives. We try to be accurate, but the articles and advice may have errors, become out-of-date, or even give bad advice. 

We highly recommend that you try anything new in moderation, 
to test for any reaction you might have. 

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